Our Services

There are times in our lives when we have to let go of someone we love, but it's at these hard times that we are here to help. Pets are part of our families and the fond memories we hold we will never forget. We offer a caring and professional service, including the individual cremation of your cherished pet. When the worst happens, we are here to offer advice and help you through this difficult period.

What you can expect from us

We are a family business with a very small team and every one of us is a pet owner. When you come to Companion’s Haven you will find us surrounded by our menagerie of cats, dogs, guinea pigs and chickens. We treat every pet which comes to us as we would one of our own.

When the time comes, you can bring your pet to us or we will collect them from your home or your vet. We do not charge for collection in our local area but if you are further afield and need a collection we can arrange that. If you decide to bring your pet to us, you will be able to say goodbye in our peaceful garden room.

The cremation will then take place straightaway and if it’s not too late in the day you can have the ashes back later that same day. A scatter box is included in the cost of the cremation but if you would like a casket or urn we can provide a selection of the best products available.

Individual cremation

At Companion’s Haven individual means individual. Your pet will be alone in the cremation chamber and the ashes you receive back will only be those of your pet. We never return token ash. We can offer individual cremation for all types of domestic pet from a Mouse to a Great Dane.


Losing a pet can be a serious blow and we have many years of experience supporting people through this difficult time. Practically we provide an efficient and professional service but we are also here to listen. We always have time to talk either on the phone or when you are here.

Our regular hours of pet cremation service are: 
Mon-Fri 9am - 5.30pm.  Sat 9am - 12.00pm.

We also have an out of hours telephone service offering pet bereavement advice for pet loss and grief.
Tel: 0117 937 4554